About Us

What is BRL?

BRL overview

BRL stands for the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.  It is the largest dedicated robotics research lab in the UK.  It has over 3000mof space devoted to 14 themes of robotics research.

Visit the BRL homepage at http://www.brl.ac.uk 

FARSCOPE is run by a management team of five academic staff.  The Centre's research projects are supervised, individually or in collaborations, by the College of Supervisors. The Centre is also supported by our Industry Partners who set challenge projects and engage with our research.

FARSCOPE Management Team

Arthur Richards

Director – Dr Arthur Richards

Dr Richards obtained his PhD from MIT in 2005 and has been the the Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Bristol since then.  He specializes in autonomous aircraft and spacecraft, especially trajectory generation for challenging environments.  He also leads the aerial robotics theme at BRL in which he studies navigation for micro air vehicles.  Read Dr Richards' full profile here.

Jonathan Rossiter

Co-Director – Dr Jonathan Rossiter

Dr Rossiter's research interests include bio-mimetics, artificial intelligence, robotics and sensors. In my robotic actuator and artificial muscle research I have been developing new polymer-composite actuators involving principles of buckling and bi-stability and robots which are inspired by bio-mimetic study of swimming organisms, including bacteria and fish.  Read Dr Rossiter's full profile here.

Co-Director – Professor Tony Pipe

Prof. Pipe has 20 years of experience in carrying out research on advanced sensor-systems, medical robotics, biologically-inspired robotics, machine learning and adaptive behaviour, applied to intelligent and distributed control/monitoring systems for robotics. His research foci are: innovative medical technology, safe physical Human Robot Interaction for robots co-located with humans; modelling animal brain signal processing and control structures; self-healing VLSI electronic hardware for safety-critical applications.  Read Prof Pipe's full profile here.

Chris Melhuish

Principal – Professor Chris Melhuish

Professor Melhuish is Professor of Intelligent Autonomous Systems at UWE Bristol and also Professor of Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Bristol.  He is the Director and founding member of BRL and is a leading authority on Robotics and Intelligent Systems.  Chris says, "I am interested and active in a range of robotics related areas of research, which includes investigating how can robots safely co-operate with humans in shared tasks, and how robots can help humans. Robots that look after the infirm or aged are examples of this type of interaction."  Read Prof Melhuish's full profile here.

David May

Principal – Professor David May

Professor May from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol is also Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of spin-out semiconductor company XMOS Ltd, which develops software-defined silicon devices and tools. He developed the core technology that enables consumer electronics equipment manufacturers to follow fashions and differentiate products rapidly at minimal cost. Professor May gained many years of experience in the semiconductor industry before coming to the University and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1990 for his contributions to computer architecture and parallel computing.  Read Prof May's profile here.