For Industry

The FARSCOPE centre is committed to industrial engagement and welcomes companies wishing to work with us on research and training. FARSCOPE takes a broad view of robotics and autonomous systems and welcomes engagement across all application sectors. Ways to get involved are:

Sponsor a student

Sponsorship packages range from full support (approx £100k) to partial support, similar to the CASE scheme (approx £30k). The FARSCOPE Centre will then perform targeted recruitment for your studentship. The student’s Year 1 project and subsequent PhD research will be aligned to your research programme.

Collaborate on a project

Companies can get involved with either the short 8-month Year 1 research projects or the long 3-year PhD projects. You can respond to our “Call for Projects” released in September of each year. Responses go into a discussion process to promote collaboration between supervisors and partners. The refined list goes to students in November and projects are then allocated according to student preferences ready to start work in January.

Host a student placement

Students in years 2 to 4 can spend up to six months embedded in a company working on a project related to their PhD research. Companies interested in this type of knowledge transfer are encouraged to contact the centre and discuss their needs. This could be an excellent way for a company to explore the potential for robotics and autonomous systems in new industrial sectors.

Participate in a workshop

Starting in 2015, FARSCOPE will run annual week-long industry study workshops. Companies are invited to present a problem related to robotics and autonomous systems in your business. Student teams will then spend a week of intensive sessions devoted to their assigned problems, culminating in a presentation and report of findings to the company.